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Weekend:480 €600 €
*High Season: Easter, New Year’s Eve. August and Long weekends
*Prices for full house (12+1)
*For partial renting of the house or upper stays of a week, ask about prices.
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Environment´s information

It belongs to the Region Gúdar-Javalambre, where the nature offers many possibilities of enjoyment and pleasure, such as the ski tracks of Valdelinares, because we are about 20 minutes by car from Alcalá de la Selva.

Its villages are also surprising, such as Mora de Rubielos, with its Palace-Castle, one of the most emblematic monuments of Teruel.

40 km far away is the capital, Teruel, known as the City of Mudejar, where the Easter is becoming more and more important. It is also known by the legend of its lovers (Isabel and Diego), and in February takes place the representation of the wedding, that are the festivities of the time, fulfilling all the streets of Teruel with puppets, acrobats, juggling, street market, processions, etc.

El Castellar

It is located in the región of Gúdar-Javalambre of Teruel, located next to the river Valbona and which municipal term born the river Mijare. It is 10 km far away, in Cedrillas, there is a healthy center (24 hours), petrol station, restaurants, etc and just 20 minutes by car of Alcalá de la Selva. Its artistic heritage can be seen. The palace of the Ducal House of Medinaceli and the castle of Don Men Rodríguez or the tower Pallarés is superimpose forming an only monumental complex, and it includes in the tower the Museum of Iberian Art of the Exvoto. The House Díez is from the XVI century and it keeps plateresque façade with shield. The church of Encarnación is BIC and its façade is Baroque, while the tower bell, primitive watchtower, has been building between the XIII and XIV centuries. The ex-collegiate of Santiago is from the middle of XVII century. 5 km from the village in Loma de Montasinos, and next to the hermitage of the Consolación there is still the remains the bottom of a watchtower, called castle of Espinosa, in private property. There are hiking routes and enjoyment areas.


In the same village, there are two hermitages: St Barbara and the Virgin Pilar, both are from Baroque style and built in the XVIII century. One of them has leisure area with fountain, barbecue, benches and tables, excellent to spend a day outside. There is also a private castle.
the paths are very well designed and marked, such as the one which goes to Fuente del Tejo.


Horseback walks.
Ski on the tracks of Valdelinares (20 minutes by car from Alcalá de la Selva, by foot of the tracks).
Important mycological area with great variety of mushrooms where the revollón highlights.
Fishing 20 km far from the reservoir of Balbona, where you can fish during the year trout, barbell and carp.


Alcalá de Selva
Se haya situado en la Sierra de Gúdar, replegada en un rincón de la feroz y lírica Vega, entre el marco de un agreste paraje montañoso en perfecta armonía y rodeado por los montes de Santa Lucía, el P...
Dinópolis es la mayor superficie de exposición paleontológica de Europa, además de un espacio lúdico y didáctico que atrae a miles de visitantes todos los años, procedentes de los rincones más diverso...
Mausoleo Amantes de Teruel
La ciudad de Teruel está vinculada a una tradición medieval de sabor y belleza románticos: la de los Amantes. Constituye una de las más bellas páginas de amor del mundo, y repetidamente ha ido su tema...


II Ruta Senderista y Trail - Griegos
En Teruel, 18 de marzo de 2020
El sábado 18 de marzo de 2017 se celebrará la 2ª edición de la Ruta Senderista y Trail de Griegos con dos recorridos para ambas pruebas, una ruta de 16 km y otra de 12 km. Partirá a las 09:00 desde l...
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